Bacon Cheesy Burger Dogs


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I felt like cooking something simple yet a little different tonight. So I popped open the fridge and checked to see what I had lying around.

Classic hot dogs, traditional cut sliced bacon and 1 lbs. of ground chuck 80/20. I’ll make Bacon Cheesy Burger Dogs!


I’m keeping it simple and don’t want to have to prep many ingredients tonight, so I’m adding some ready made dry rub and Worcestershire sauce (how do you honestly say that properly?… we murder it in the south) to the ground chuck.


I started by dividing the ground chuck into 4 equal parts. Then I rolled each clump into a ball.


After rolling it into a ball, I flattened it out on a plate. I was wanting to create a shape that would be a bit larger than the length of the hot dog. It’s almost like an irregular rectangle.


Next, I took a piece of American cheese and folded it in half diagonally and laid it on the center of the beef, overlapping the pieces.


Then I placed the hot dog down on the beef.


Now it’s time to roll this bad boy up. I just grabbed one side of the beef and wrapped it around the hot dog. Then I grabbed the other side and did the same. After bringing the two sides together, I began molding the ground beef around the hot dog until it was no longer exposed.

It ended up looking like this.


I grabbed a slice of bacon and started at one end of the hot dog and began wrapping it at an angle. I made sure to keep the bacon taut and finished the wrap around the center of the length of the hot dog. I grabbed a second slice of bacon to finish it up. 1 hot dog will require 2 slices of bacon.


I repeated the previous steps 3 more times, making 4 bacon cheesy burger dogs.


Finally I topped the dogs off with a little more of the dry rub.


Now it’s time to fire up the cooker outside. I went for a target temp of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for the grill. I set up my Weber Kettle grill for indirect heat and placed the hot dogs on the indirect side. I then added a chunk of hickory wood to the coals. After about 25-30 minutes the dogs looked like this.


Wowzers! Look at that cheese pouring out of the ends. The smell was awesome.

I let another 25 minutes go by and the dogs looked like they were ready to be pulled. The ground beef was nice and browned and the bacon was crispy.

Here’s the final product:


You can plate it up however you want, I chose to place mine on a hot dog bun and top it with Dijon mustard and chopped refrigerator dill pickles that I made. I sliced it in half to expose the cheesy goodness.

Side Note: My refrigerator dill pickles are FIRE! I’ll upload my recipe some time.


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